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About Deb D'aquin

I sell what I know, I sell what I LOVE : COOLHOUSES and PREMIERELOTS in the Mountain Art Towns and Gated Communities just 30 min north of Asheville. Your Cool House here isn’t just any cool house. It’s a wrapper for how the buyer of your home will experience our incredible, lightning-fast internet Norman Rockwell-esque communities. Buyers choose our area because they want easy and down to earth quality-of-life, because they want to engage in a vibrant community filled with interesting people and fabulous mountain views , because they thrive in an environment of wonderful art and culture! Whether escaping the hurried pace and extreme weather of East Coast metros from New York to Florida. I ‘get’ those motivations, and expertly represent and market your COOLHOUSE or PREMIERELOTS in the broader context of what buyers REALLY want. I exclusively represent Burnsville, Yancey County, Mountain Air and Wolf Laurel properties. With 40 years of Global Marketing Expertise put to work on behalf of my clients, I encourage you check me out at and let’s talk soon!